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Love this idea!  Brilliant!

August 14th · 16:33 pm
October 10th · 15:03 pm
I cut this video on an L.A. based skate photographer. Altamont Cut From Another Cloth: http://gladysbernadac.com/Cut-From-A-Different-Cloth-Patrick-O-Dell
Whoa! Interesting. So Festive! Bruno Sousa
Oh My!  I am loving these portraits! Lovely. by Crystal Rojas
Beautiful Travel Adventures by Ramona Flume
Lately, I am experiencing an uncontrollable, almost blinding and painful rage over the things I cannot control.

August 26th · 18:45 pm
Sarah Tyson

WHAT CAN I SAY? I CRY EVERY TIME I WATCH THE NEWS NOW. LITERALLY. IT’S SUCH A #MADWORLD #outofourcontrol #heavyheart #oklahomatornados #feelinghopeless

May 20th · 22:25 pm

Coca-cola and vintage look (by Pierluigi Musco)

Heading to special #startrekintodarkness #premier for cast and crew at #paramont lot. #myboyfriendscoolerthanyours

May 12th · 18:12 pm
I was the kid with the young cool hip mom. She once showed up at my high-school bus stop in athletic gear ready to fight a nasty cheerleader because I had gotten ganged up on the day before. Luckily no one had to fight but she has always had my back, and has always believed in me. Thanks mom I love more than words can say. Happy Mothers Day!! #mothersday

All the roads lead to the wrong place (by Julia V.M)